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The Idea for this blog came to me while promoting Go Hargeisa to various businesses all over Hargeisa. I have met so many people and seen so much of the city that I wanted to share my experiences and explore more of this beautiful city with you all.

The National Library is Now Open

Places to goPosted by khadra Fri, January 19, 2018 17:18:31

This is my first Blog post and I am delighted that its about a library because anyone that Knows me, will tell you how much I love reading, nothing beats getting lost in a good story to pass idle time. In fact when I was in secondary school, I actually wanted to be a librarian.This memory always makes me smile because I remember my reasoning behind this job choice. I thought if I worked in a library I could sit and read books all day and get paid for it. Now, I know that's not the only thing librarians do but that was the way my mind worked at twelve years old.

So when I got the opportunity to volunteer at the Siilanyo National library 2 days before its grand opening. I practically jumped at the chance I convinced my sister Layla into coming with me. Layla has lived in Hargeisa all her life and had never heard of a Library in the city, as we drove down the dirt roads and reached the gates of the library I didn’t know what to expect from a library in Hargiesa. I was blown away by the size of the building, it was much bigger than I expected and beautifully built with vast amount of surrounding land.

The Director/chairman Ahmed Dahir showed us around. The library had already received thousands of books donated and majority of the books came from the UK. The library already had a team of volunteers very busy organising the books. Ahmed took us to the children’s section which hadn’t been started on yet so myself and my sister got stuck in and had a great time helping the many young people who have been volunteering in the library for months.

Ahmed also shared his vision for the library, he had plans for every bit of empty space and as he described the lecture hall, theatre and the IT section he intends to add, you can really see how passionate he is about this project and it’s very inspiring to hear how he turned a vision into reality in such a short period of time.

The library is like any other big library it has a lot of space to peacefully sit and finish work,study or just enjoy a good book.The library was officially open to the public on Thursday the 18th of January and has many fantastic books. A great place to go if your in Hargeisa.

The National Library is the only Library of its kind in Hargeisa and is a great achievement, It has recently been named after the previous president Siilanyo who donated the land which the library is built on.The construction of the Library was made possible by wide fund-raising activities in Somaliland and among the Diaspora communities.The library doesn’t get any funding and relies on donations as the government doesn’t have the resources to fund this type of project.

The Siilanyo National Library.

Me helping sort the Children's section of the library.

I created this poster for the children's section of Library during my time volunteering at the National Library.
Myself and my sister with Ahmed Dahir Elmi the chairman of the Somaliland National Library. Students at the library on the opening day

Visitors of the library on the official opening day take a group picture with the chairman Ahmed Dahir Elmi on Thursday 18th of January 2017

My daughter Donates 7 books from her own little library at home to the children's section at the National Library.

The Siilanyo National Library is accepting donations, it still needs Computers for the IT section and Furniture. If you would like to help in any way please contact Ahmed the Director/Chairman by email Khaadun@yahoo.co.uk